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UK Trade & Investment is the government organisation that helps UK companies succeed in an increasingly global economy. We also help overseas companies bring high quality investment to the UK’s vibrant economy, acknowledged as Europe’s leading platform for success in global business.


UK Trade & Investment operates through a global network with offices in British Embassies overseas, in our HQ in London and Glasgow and in the 9 English regions. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the devolved administrations provide trade advice to companies, and access to UKTI's services.

Supporting UK Specialist Chemicals Industry

The UK is one of the world’s top chemical-producing nations, with a high performance industry achieving outstanding levels of growth, exports, productivity performance and international investment. Founded on abundant resources and supported by world-class science and manufacturing, the UK industry offers investors an unrivalled combination of well-established facilities and skills and added-value products and support.

UKTI Supporting Chmical Industry

The chemicals industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the UK, with 3,125 companies generating a turnover of over €60 billion in 2007.

Innovative products

The UK has long been renowned for the quality and diversity of the chemicals it produces. Through innovative exploitation of organic chemistry, the UK has been central to the creation of the global pharmaceuticals sector over the past 50 years. Today, the UK chemical industry prides itself on being flexible and able to contribute to the healthcare sector, green, 21st century solutions that address climate change, low carbon economy, environment and regulatory issues.

It has now also secured a position at the forefront of the important high-tech, value-added and down stream chemistry- producing markets. Today, the UK focuses over 60 per cent of its production on the speciality sector. The result is an innovative industry, strongly assisted by major research and development centres and funding initiatives, enabling UK-based businesses to capitalise on new materials and technologies to secure competitive advantage.

Life Sciences in the UK

The UK is one of the world’s Life Science leaders. In 2007 the UK pharmaceutical industry invested more than €4 billion in UK R&D – more than €11 million every day – and, as such, attracts major R&D investments from all the world-leading pharmaceutical companies. As a direct result, the UK has created one in four of the world’s top 100 medicines and 45 per cent of all pipeline products in Europe.

The UK also ranks second in the world for pharmaceutical exports and sits alongside the USA and Japan as one of the top three centres for pharmaceutical research.

Such high pharmaceutical R&D demand has resulted in the UK contributing to decades of outstanding research and novel approaches. This has created a mature, thriving industry, employing around 72,000 people, generating a further 250,000 jobs in related industries and producing annual revenues of more than €27 billion.