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Envirolyte ECA UK is the UK Distributor of Envirolyte Industries International. The factory is based in Estonia and it has developed a unique group of companies that focuses on many industries where disinfection, water purification and sterilisation are essential.


The roots of the group has developed through support and application of earlier technology including Electrolysed Water (EW), also known as electrolysed oxidising water (EOW), electro chemically activated water (ECA) or ionised water solution (EO) in its earliest form.

Envirolyte has brought to the above EW industries its earlier experiences, which have enabled the company to deliver better applications for Electrolysed Water technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a larger scale. This gives the company a strong technical edge over the competition and allows them to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.

Together with dedicated specialist companies Envirolyte has built channels in to the marketplace, which allows them to service clients in large major corporate companies, right through to the smallest domestic household, by offering advice on all aspects of water purification, sterilisation and disinfection techniques.


Envirolyte products can provide disinfection & sterilisation capabilities at a very low cost.

Sadly the UK has yet to fully embrace the use of Electrolysed Water within the Healthcare sector, whereas several countries around the world, like the USA, Canada, Russia & Japan have been embracing the benefits that it can provide, over many years.

EW is used to reduce cross contamination issues and to treat patients wounds, burns, ulcers and to eradicate and prevent Superbugs (HAI's) or Pseudomonas, all of which can cause HAI's and Secondary Infections, which are still a major cause of concern, due to the associated costs for any additional treatments that can be required.

Using our technology and implementing it within the numerous areas of the Healthcare sector, can include hot & cold water systems, surfaces, medical instruments and housekeeping these are areas that require ongoing cleaning, sterilisation or disinfection.

The prevention of bacterial issues on surfaces is an area where Envirolyte products are a cost effective prevention tool, provided no other in-situ Antimicrobial prevention like silver is built in to the surfaces. Even if it is, by using the Antimicrobial liquid our machines produce will enhance the disinfection efficacy and help to provide consistent long term protection of the patients.


A typical Envirolyte water disinfecting system consists of:

  • Envirolyte Machine (one or more)
  • Anolyte and Salt (NaCl) solution containers
  • Dosing pump(s) that are controlled by a Free Available Chlorine (FAC) or ORP controller & sensors

Anolyte ANK is produced by the Envirolyte machine, it is stored in a container and then drawn through a dosing pump and discharged into the incoming water supply (see above). Or it can be decanted for other uses.

The dosing regime depends on the water flow volume and the quality (properties) of the source water, it can either be controlled by a pulsed water flow meter or a FAC/ORP controller and sensor, which is connected to the dosing pump.

How is disinfection achieved?

An aqueous solution of NaCL (brine) is electrochemically activated inside the cell within the Envirolyte machine, it produces a powerful, non-toxic, non-hazardous disinfectant called Anolyte ANK.

It is a colourless transparent liquid with a slight chlorine smell, this being dependent on the pH for the disinfection application. It also contains various mixed oxidants, but it is predominantly hypochlorous acid, which gives Anolyte ANK a highly bactericidal and sporicidal activity.

Anolyte ANK parameters are as follows:

It can have a pH between 2.0 to 8.5, typically we would produce Anolyte ANK within our Neutral pH band of 6 to 7.5, the concentration (general) of active chlorine, it is typically produced at a strength of 500 to 700 mg/l.

Our HD or bespoke designed machines can produce 1000 to 8000 mg/l of Anolyte.

A very high oxidant activity with low (hundreds parts of percentage) concentrations of working substances that do not affect other chemical structures and vital characteristics of the treated water and do not form any toxic compounds.


Due to a very low concentration of active chlorine;

  • Anolyte diluted in the water does not result in any toxicity effects, or forms any toxic by-products.
  • Anolyte penetrates tiny pores of the water pipes or any other material, to disinfect the surfaces.
  • Anolyte eliminates biofilm and algae from the distribution system.
  • Water pipes and equipment don't have to be rinsed with water after any disinfection process.
  • Anolyte doesn't affect the original, natural properties of the water.
  • Anolyte eliminates chlorine taste and odour, it improves the taste and odour that algae produce.
  • Anolyte can be stored and kept for other uses when the necessity arises.
  • Easy dosing systems can be used.
  • A High level of safety is maintained: there are no hazardous chemicals produced or used.