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We have been helping businesses across the UK since 1978, designing storage solutions and bespoke storage equipment for any kind of application.


Established in 1978 MS Storage primarily began trading as specialist storage consultants, offering advice on designs, layout and product specification for lockers and steel storage products. As our reputation grew so did our range of products and services.

Fast forward over 40 years, a couple of office relocations to keep up with our expanding workforce and you will find us settled in our privately owned commercial office headquarters in Cheshire. Not only are we one of the UK’s largest provider of steel storage and lockers but we have seen major growth in supplying the office furniture sector too.

Still a thriving family run business MS Storage has spent the last four decades building strong relationships with a select portfolio of manufacturers. Unlike some storage solution suppliers we are truly independent – so when it comes to specifying storage solutions we will always offer what’s right for the client – not what’s easiest for us.

Our clients like what we do – every aspect of how we serve and interact with you is important to us. We guarantee that when it comes to customer service and value for money we leave nothing to chance. It’s this commitment to value and customer satisfaction that has seen us win prestigious framework agreements with the NHS, MOD and Crown Commercial Services – some of whom we have been dealing with over 20 years.

HTM71 Modular Storage Systems

Our Zarges HTM71 modular storage units are manufactured in accordance with the Health and Technical Memorandum, published by NHS Estates.

As an approved supplier to the NHS, along with a growing number of private medical organisations, we are experts at helping hospitals and clinics with material management. We have a range of static and mobile storage solutions including Zarges Medical HTM71 baskets and trays, cupboards and cabinets, mobile cabinets, IPO trolleys, carts and racking.

We are committed to providing the most practical and economical storage solutions for the NHS and healthcare industry. Our attention to detail ensures procurement teams get true value for money, helping professionals with their daily tasks and making medical organisations leaner and more efficient in everything they do. We are a proud partner of Zarges Medical.

HTM71 Baskets & Trays

Our HTM71 baskets and trays come complete with a durable metal frame and a variety of different sized baskets to help hospital and medical facility storage. The flexibility of this medical storage system enables users to organise the HTM71 baskets and trays in the way that suits them best. They are fully compliant with the requirements of the HTM71 Memorandum and provide a long lasting solution to help maximise storage at an extremely cost effective price

HTM71 Cupboards & Cabinets

Investing in our HTM71 cupboards and cabinets range enables hospitals and healthcare organisations to become more efficient and productive in the short to long term. HTM71 cupboards and cabinets are designed to fit seamlessly into a healthcare environment, providing the durability and reliability staff can always depend on. The units help to increase storage capacity to keep key equipment and materials organised and accessible whenever they are needed.

Mobile HTM71 Cabinets

Mobile HTM71 cabinets provide a modular solution to complement the intense workload and heavy demands of life inside a healthcare organisation. This is a freestanding system that requires minimal work to install. This means mobile HTM71 cabinets can be in position quickly, causing hardly any disruption to work routines in surrounding areas.

HTM71 Trolleys & Carts

An essential mobile storage solution needed by every hospital and healthcare organisation are HTM71 trolleys and carts. HTM71 trolleys and carts are a user-friendly tool that healthcare professionals can depend on at all times, making their working lives easier and more productive in the process. Each one comes with modular trays and can be easily controlled when being used by staff members.

HTM71 Racking

For a modular storage system that keeps items perfectly organised and accessible, our HTM71 racking units are exactly what healthcare organisations are looking for. HTM71 racking maximises vertical space, making the most of the available storage if there is limited room. It’s a strong and robust design that can easily stand up to the testing demands of life in the healthcare sector.