Accurate and timely verification of endoscope cleanliness

Hygiena launches EndoSwab testing system

Hygiena has launched the EndoSwab testing system

Hygiena has introduced its new EndoSwab testing system, which provides real-time verification of the cleanliness of endoscopes and other reusable medical instruments in just 15 seconds.

Featuring an absorbent sponge tip attached to a 2.4 m-long flexible wand; the system enables sample collection from even-hard-to-reach internal channels and components, ensuring that results can be trusted.

Following sampling, the sponge tip is removed and assessed using one of Hygiena’s adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test devices.

This quick process highlights whether the initial cleaning steps have been effective, so the instruments can then be disinfected, sterilised and reused.

Operating on the powerful and proven ATP bioluminescence technology, EndoSwab offers simple and dependable detection of ATP, a common component of all body fluids.

The system generates immediate, objective results, allowing for the rapid assessment of cleaning procedures and the timely undertaking of corrective actions.

EndoSwab facilitates the success of later disinfection and sterilisation procedures, which are dependent upon effective cleaning.

For maximum safety and convenience, the system is provided in clinically-clean packaging, with each test individually bagged for single use.

“Owing to the invasive nature of the procedures in which they are used, reusable medical devices are highly susceptible to contamination. As such, proper reprocessing between uses is necessary to avoid cross-contamination and infection outbreaks,” said Dr Martin Easter, chief scientific officer at Hygiena.

“EndoSwab allows for the easy collection of test samples on a daily basis and the rapid detection of contamination before patient exposure.”

EndoSwab is compatible with Hygiena’s UltraSnap and SuperSnap ATP surface tests, two fully integrated, easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly systems capable of generating highly-sensitive, accurate and reproducible results in the EnSURE luminometer.

Surface swabs are also used to verify the cleanliness and decontamination of the hand controls and distal end of the endoscope. Similarly, AquaSnap can be used on the same system to verify water quality.

The systems incorporate Hygiena’s SureTrend software package for the easy recording of test data and tracking of results.

This data can be used to generate graphs and reports that detect cleaning issues, identify personnel training needs, and monitor the overall cleanliness of an instrument inventory over time.