Advancis launches additions to super absorbent range

Eclypse Border and Eclypse Border Oval dressings unveiled

Woundcare specialist, Advancis Medical, has added two new unique products to its super absorbent dressings range, Eclypse.

The new Eclypse Border and Eclypse Border Oval are super absorbent dressings with a self adhesive soft silicone contact layer and hypo-allergenic border. The soft silicone layer provides gentle adherence and will facilitate a traumatic removal, and the hypo-allergenic border allows further adhesion.

The two new dressings have also been added to the Drug Tariff.

The dressing has a rapid wicking face and a highly-absorbent moisture-locking system with an additional wicking layer to further maintain the integrity of the dressing and help to distribute exudate across the entire dressing, meaning the dressing remains comfortable to the patient, doesn’t become bulky and reduces the risk of any additional damage or pressure to the wound bed.

The three-in-one enhanced dressings absorb up to 50% more fluid and the unique combination silicone and hypo-allergenic acrylic adhesive border provides simplified dressing selection and reduced costs for healthcare provider.

The Eclypse Border and Border Oval range require no secondary fixation, have higher fluid handling capacity and can be worn for up to seven days.

Mark Allatt, Advancis medical sales and marketing director, said: “These additions to our Eclypse Range demonstrate our ongoing commitment to developing innovative woundcare products which meet the clinical needs of the patient.

“The Eclypse Border dressings promote wound healing by being highly absorbent, reducing the risk of infection and therefore providing the optimum wound environment for healing to occur.”

The new additions to the Eclypse range were launched at the Wounds UK Annual Conference 2013. The event is the largest exhibition of woundcare companies in the UK, with more than 1,300 visitors attending every year.