Asteral launches new multiLIFE Select service


Fully-managed service will make replacement and upgrade of equipment more cost effective

Asteral has launched multiLIFE Select, a new, fully-managed service that enables the replacement or upgrade of medical equipment with no upfront commitment for future investment.

Asteral’s custom service agreement allows replacement or upgrade of equipment at any time over the contract term, with the support of vendor-independent technology experts who will evaluate the whole market and ensure selection of the best equipment for clinical, operational and economic needs.

Further benefits of multiLIFE Select include industry-leading maintenance, patient pathway optimisation, process re-engineering, and optional consumables services to provide the most-efficient and flexible managed equipment service on the market today.

Asteral bears the risks – financially and technologically – of procuring and managing high-value medical equipment, which supports strategic planning, reduces support costs, and improves both performance and patient outcomes.

Jason Long, Asteral’s business development director, said: “Having listened to the needs of our customers, Asteral has added multiLIFE Select to its range of services. Unique in the marketplace, the new service allows replacement or upgrade of equipment at any time throughout the contract term. This increased flexibility is critical for the NHS’s changing financial and clinical needs.”

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multiLIFE Select is one of Asteral’s Equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) options which enables hospitals to pass full responsibility for equipment management to a vendor-independent service provider. Other Asteral EaaS offerings include:

  • The traditional multiLIFE allows costs to remain static and predictable through the contract term – even if the cost of new technology rises
  • oneLIFE helps trusts reduce operating costs, while improving patient outcomes. Covering a single asset lifecycle, oneLIFE provides access to the latest technology ‘as a service’.
  • Asteral Protect is a fully-managed multi-vendor maintenance service that provides premium support for a wide range of critical medical equipment, ranging from high-value imaging technology to large numbers of EBME assets