BMI healthcare appoints new international director

Scott Feldman to lead expansion of international operations within the Middle East, Asia and North Africa

Scott Feldman

BMI Healthcare has appointed a new international director, Scott Feldman.

The appointment will allow BMI Healthcare to continue the expansion of its international operations within the Middle East, Asian and North African healthcare markets.

Feldman joins BMI Healthcare’s international team, having previously worked in a senior marketing and business development role within the hospital group for the past three years. During this time he helped develop a number of initiatives which were subsequently rolled out nationally, most notable the specialist GP conference strategies that have helped to drive the growth of cardiology, gastrointestinal and orthopaedic revenues at core BMI Healthcare hospitals.

Prior to joining BMI Healthcare he was head of marketing at HCL Healthcare, Europe’s largest healthcare recruiter.

Known for his communication and relationship skills, Feldman will be working closely with BMI Healthcare’s international liaison officers, consultants and hospital executive directors to further improve BMI Healthcare’s offering on the international stage. He also has plans to expand his team to exceed the needs of international patients being treated in BMI Healthcare hospitals and to build closer relationships with insurers and embassies.

Commenting on his appointment, he said: "I am delighted to have taken up the position of international director at BMI Healthcare. This role offers a unique opportunity to broaden the scope and ambition of how BMI Healthcare positions itself on an international stage. Building upon the success of my predecessor I have, in the past few months, been looking at how we can further explore new and existing markets in the Middle East to reach new patients and partners. I am confident that we can continue the rapid growth of international patients and improve the level of complex and high acuity work being bought to BMI Healthcare hospitals in the UK.“

He added: “Coming from a background in marketing and business development I am confident that my team and I will be able to further enhance BMI Healthcare’s international reputation. I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead, but I am confident that we have the correct team in place around me to help realise our goals.”