Boon Edam: Meeting the needs of Southern General Hospital

Door supplier completes new entrance

Southern General Hospital has unveiled its new entrance, aimed at improving the experience for patients, visitors and staff.

The trust has installed a bespoke Duotour revolving door with integrated curved corridors from Boon Edam, improving flow into and through the building.

David Healy, area project manager for Boon Edam UK, said: “We have installed the bespoke Duotour revolving door with integrated curved corridors which included four auto-swing pass doors for the use of disabled people.

“Before our involvement in the project, our client was faced with the task of finding a supplier who could meet their bespoke design requirements. The new entrance system is a highly-functional piece of equipment which compliments the overall façade of this prestigious building.

Boon Edam has worked closely with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Southern General Hospital since the start of the project in November 2013 to create a fully-customised entry solution. The project is totally unique as the overall structure and door arrangement was specifically designed by the company's teams both in the UK and The Netherlands to help meet the client’s bespoke requirements.

After several months of design work, and final approval from the client, the manufacture began with a 12-wee lead time. Overall, the design and manufacture process took approximately eight months to complete.