Charing Cross first to install automated 3D breast scanner


Hospital only one in UK to offer ACUSON S2000 3D analysis

Charing Cross Hospital has become the first in the UK to install an ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS).

The system, from Siemens Healthcare, is located in the breast services department and is ideal for patients with a history of breast disease on frequent image recall or radiographically-dense breast tissue, providing full field volumes of the breast and rapid 3D analysis.

The equipment enables the operator to examine breast anatomy and pathology in detail and provides efficient semi-automated reporting for improved workflow. It uses a high frequency 14MHz automated transducer with a large 15cm by 17cm field of view and an ultra high resolution 18 MHz high-density hand-held transducer is also available, facilitating even greater flexibility. It comes with a range of advanced applications including eSieTouch, a qualitative imaging technique that provides pathology insights and reveals the relative stiffness of breast tissue.

The system also brings improvements for radiographers, with easy manoeuvrability of the adjustable scanning arm and a one-button locking mechanism to help alleviate the problem of repetitive strain injury. Patients benefit from minimal compression during examinations and they can breathe comfortably, helping to create a less stressful experience.

“The ACUSON S2000 ABVS provides us with 3D detail of the whole breast relatively swiftly, which was not possible before,” said Dr Adrian Lim, consultant radiologist at Charing Cross Hospital. “We can now assess data from three planes, which allows a broader clinical overview during breast imaging and the results obtained so far are better than expected.”

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Zaheer Ali of Siemens Healthcare added: “By providing a greater level of image detail, the system helps to improve clinical confidence, improves departmental workflow and enhances the patient experience.”