Control and training system enhances surgical safety

TRUMPF harmonises device integration and improves safety in the operating theatre

TruConnect enables both mobile and stationary control of a variety of TRUMPF operating theatre components

With its innovative control concept, TRUMPF Medical Systems’ new TruConnect control and training system revolutionises device integration and improves safety in the operating theatre.

Today’s operating theatres are simply brimming with the latest technology, and surgical staff have to know how to correctly work any number of medical devices whenever needed.

Variations in how the various devices are controlled presents just as big a challenge as the increasing sophistication of system functions. Delays and insufficient co-ordination in the operating theatre not only cost time and money, but can also compromise safety and increase stress. One solution is TRUMPF Medical Systems’ new TruConnect control and training system, which centralises information and device control.

Mobile control

TruConnect enables both mobile and stationary control of a variety of TRUMPF operating theatre components, offering convenient, hand-held and touchscreen control of integrated devices – safely, reliably and in different rooms.

Users are free to move from one operating theatre to another, using a handheld unit to control the devices in each room. Thanks to its novel, real-time localisation capability, TruConnect recognises exactly which devices a particular room has and how they are configured – ensuring that mobile control is safe. Simple and safe control is underpinned by graphical representation of devices. TruConnect also supports the use of multiple portable TruConnect Control devices at the same time in one operating theatre. This means one person can be adjusting the operating table while another person attends to the surgical lighting, camera and image documentation.

3D visualisation

With the help of broad-based user studies, TRUMPF Medical Systems has tailored this novel, intuitive control concept specifically for use in the operating theatre. Now for the first time, certain devices can be visualised in 3D. Depending on the device, a 3D visualisation of integrated devices can be displayed on the touchscreen and adjusted with simple swipe gestures. For instance, if the operating table’s left leg plate needs to be angled down, all the controller has to do is to tap the plate on the 3D visualisation and drag it downward. The control panel helps by providing a simulated preview and information such as the current tilt angle. With elements clearly organised on the screen, it takes almost no time at all to master using TruConnect. There are short, easy-to-understand video tutorials to complement the intuitive control concept. It is quick and easy to switch between available devices and call up tutorials or device manuals.

Hygienic product

TRUMPF Medical Systems designed TruConnect specifically for use in the medical field and the system fulfills all hygiene requirements of today’s surgical wings. Communication between the portable TruConnect Control unit and the TruConnect server is managed by the TruConnect Wallstation. Taking up a minimum of wall space in the operating theatre, the Wallstation can be installed just as easily in new buildings as when refurbishing existing ones. TruConnect Control is a hand-held nerve centre with a touchscreen. Impact-protected by a bumper, its special case means it can be used in sterile environments. Using reliable induction technology, TruConnect Control can be charged up quickly and wirelessly via the TruConnect Dock – which simplifies cleaning and eliminates unnecessary cabling.

Room for more

TruConnect is based on a flexible, extendable app concept coupled with a range of innovative technologies. At present TruConnect can be used to control TRUMPF operating tables, lights, cameras or the customer’s own music selection. Smartphones, iPods and iPads can be controlled via a wireless connection. The app concept is designed to integrate additional functions and to keep expanding as time goes on. And the heart of the whole system is the easy-to-use and uniform TruConnect user interface.