Design evolution


Machinery investments at Tough Furniture Ltd

Tough Furniture Ltd has specialised exclusively for over twenty years in designing and making furniture for those areas of care where challenging behaviour of various kinds makes conventional furniture unfit for purpose, poor value through lack of durability and potentially unsafe.

Mental health care is an important sector where the company has acquired a great deal of expertise and experience responding to the evolving needs of both providers and service users.

Increasingly the requirement for furniture in this area is not just durability but also reducing the risk of self-harm and enhancing the aesthetic of the therapeutic environment.

Over the last few years the increasing importance in interior design has been a welcome evolution and Tough Furniture have invested in state of the art CAD software to enable them to create products that are tailored specifically to the requirement of the service provider and even to individual service users if required.

This year they’ve invested in brand new CNC machinery to facilitate curved edging and softer finishes that enhance the overall look of the products and improve safety.

A further evolution has been in PU edgebanding which has enhanced the waterproofing across the ranges and increases the longevity of products that are prone to liquid damage.

Stuart Briscoe, Tough Furniture Production Director commented: “These machinery investments and enhancements have enabled us to make another leap forward in creating furniture that is durable and strong but also offers long term value for money while looking fresh and modern.”

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