ETL launches carbon framework to support NHS energy efficiency drive


New procurement channel will help NHS trusts to hit 2040 'net zero' target

ETL has announced the launch of its new Net Zero Carbon Delivery Procurement Framework to support public-sector bodies including the NHS in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions in line with challenging new targets.

The procurement channel is free to access and provides a model for public-sector bodies to follow when looking to implement low/zero-carbon technologies.

Alexandra Hammond, sustainability director at ETL, explains: “Our new framework acts as a one-stop solution for public organisations as it encompasses a range of suppliers offering low and zero carbon technology solutions, all under one model.

“Most public-sector organisations have targets ahead of 2050 to reach net zero, but procuring holistic technological solutions can be challenging and time consuming.

“This framework simplifies the process and is fully compliant, so no organisation is left in the dark.”

Following heightened priorities surrounding a green recovery, climate emergency declarations, and net zero commitments; the framework responds to market demand for delivering low/zero carbon solutions across public-sector estates and services.

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In particular, it will help with the NHS’s new target to become net zero by 2040.