GP Care Systems adds two new double sizes to its ‘GLIDEAWAY’ guest bed family


The 120cm wide version and a 135cm wide bed will be added to the range this Easter

It is now more than 20 years since GP Care Systems launched its high performance ‘GLIDEAWAY’ guest bed aimed specifically at the hospital/hospice guest bed market. At the time, the available guest beds could be split into two main categories: domestic models designed for occasional use, which were unsuitable for use in a hospital, or hospice and contract models, which were heavy and awkward to open, close or move around, were often "finger traps" and wasted valuable space when folded away.

GP Care Systems’ state-of-the-art, slimline ‘GLIDEAWAY’ guest bed was designed to change all that. It combines a heavy-duty tubular steel frame with a unique woven steel mesh base (no wooden slats to break), hospital wheels (two with brakes), automatically opening and retracting legs and a really comfortable lightweight folding mattress with a (replaceable) wipe-clean/waterproof cover, flame retardant to Crib 5.

The ‘GLIDEAWAY’ bedframe/mattress can be cleaned just like a conventional hospital bed and mattress, using the same cleaning agents, is safe and easy to operate and move around, designed for every-night use and will sleep heavier adults for extended periods, in comfort. Single ‘GLIDEAWAYS’ will comfortably cope with loads of up to 200kgs and the new doubles will take up to 400kgs.

Use the ‘GLIDEAWAY’ whenever and wherever it’s needed and, when it’s folded away, it’s safe and compact enough to be left on the ward during the day. Add in the fact that there is a choice of sizes, an extra-high version and 10 bedframe colours and it’s not difficult to work out why the ‘GLIDEAWAY’ is currently used in hospitals and hospices up and down the country.

In keeping with GP Care Systems’ policy of innovation and continuous product improvement and, in response to customer demand, two new double sizes will be added to the ‘GLIDEAWAY’ family this Easter: a 120cm wide version and a 135cm wide bed (illustrated with a dark blue bedframe).

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Ideal for use on Paediatric, Neonatal and Maternity Wards for accommodating Mum and Dad overnight together, the new Double ‘GLIDEAWAYS’ boast all the features of the single versions and, in particular, remain safe and easy to operate and move around.

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