GP Care Systems extends its 'GLIDEWAY' guest bed family


The established supplier of space-saving beds systems for Hospitals and Hospices, is expanding its family of 'GLIDEAWAY' guest beds in spring 2019


More than 20 years ago, GP Care Systems examined the guest bed market and decided that the available products were flimsy, non-compliant 'domestic' guest beds, which didn't last long enough in a hospital environment, or, cumbersome, bulky, 'contract' guest beds, which were difficult to handle and took up too much space when not in use.

2ft 6ins 'GLIDEAWAY' guest bed in Light Blue

The solution it came up with was a slimline 'GLIDEAWAY' guest bed, which was designed specifically for heavy-duty use in Hospitals and Hospices. The product changed the market and is now guest bed of choice for many, accommodating visitors and on-call staff in Hospitals and Hospices across the country.

Since its launch in 1996, for use as a parents' bed on the Children's Wards at Southampton General Hospital, the all-steel 'GLIDEAWAY' has gained popularity. It is light and easy to handle, resilient and will sleep adults that weigh up to 200kg, in total comfort.

It comes complete with a waterproof wipe-clean removable mattress cover, automatic leg action and hospital wheels, two of which have brakes. It is currently available in a choice of several single sizes and in 10 bed frame colours.

Shown on the left is the standard 2ft 6ins version in Light Blue. A standard 3ft model is also available, as are extra high versions, (the 'GLIDEAWAY' XH), designed for use in Palliative Care situations. The 'GLIDEAWAY' XH incorporates an integral bedding tray.

In addition to supplying the 'GLIDEAWAY', GP Care Systems offers a full after sales service, including replacement mattresses, spare parts and servicing, where required.

Until now, the 'GLIDEAWAY' has only been available in single sizes, but the spring of 2019 will see the launch of two new double sizes - 4ft and 4ft 6ins in response to popular demand.

Full details and pictures of the new double 'GLIDEAWAY' will be available shortly.

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'GLIDEAWAY' XH fully folded

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