Glove supplier adds new biodegradable options to its range


New SHOWA 100% biodegradable gloves from decompose in five years, compared to 100 years for traditional products has announced the addition of SHOWA 100% biodegradable nitrile gloves to its portfolio.

The new range is the first of its kind and is made with Eco Best Technology (EBT), an organic additive that is added during the production process that allows for landfill decomposition within just five years, as opposed to the estimated 100 years plus for its standard nitrile equivalents.

EBT has been designed to start biodegrading once a glove has been disposed of and enters a landfill site.

Micro-organisms consume, metabolise and break down EBT materials into organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide.

The new range was added to the’s portfolio to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly products and alternatives.

Marketing director, Thomas Andrews, said: “We are really pleased to offer an eco-friendly alternative with the new range of SHOWA gloves.

“Our customers utilise vast quantities of disposable gloves on a daily basis, so biodegradable options are a significant product addition to our portfolio.

“Not only do they perform as well as their counterparts; but they help us to support environmentally-friendly campaigns and raise the green profile of our customers.”

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There are currently four types of 100% biodegradable gloves available including disposable nitrile, nitrile gripper, chemical resistant and flock lined gauntlet options.