Going with the eco airflow

Airflow Developments extends hand dryer portfolio with ecoDry mini

The ecoDry mini

Airflow Developments has extended its hand dryer portfolio with a new innovation: the ecoDry mini.

With a smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper, the product is one of the most compact in its class on the global market and is ideal for commercial and industrial washroom areas where space is limited.

CE Certified, IP23 double insulated and automatic sensor operated, the ecoDRY mini is engineered to consume minimal energy and excel in performance and hand protection.

The ecoDRY mini is a highly-efficient product with an impressive 500-watt heating element, which utilises an efficient 400-watt motor and only 2.3 watts per drying cycle – helping owners save on running costs. Energy-efficient and cost-effective, the discreet hand dryer is also one of the smallest on the market – protruding from the wall at less than 10cm. With a remarkably-low noise, level at just 70dB(A), it also provides owners with an exceptionally eco-friendly option.

Equipped with a blade-edge air stream delivery system for fast even drying; and with an air speed of 200 Km/h and air flow rate of 110 m3/hr/ 31 l/min, the miniturised units are specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions and ensure customers benefit from clean air at all times. Replaceable HEPA filters and carbon brushes are also available to protect users from up to 99% of air bacteria.

Encompassing all the visual features of Airflow’s current ecoDry units, the ecoDRY mini is available in both white or satin chrome finishes. The product also comes equipped with a stylish LED Blue down-lighter when in use to add to its contemporary design.

“For commercial and industrial washroom areas where space is particularly limited, the ecoDRY mini is the complete solution,” said Andrew Fram, category product manager at Airflow.

“The entry-level product offers businesses and commercial premises alike with an unobtrusive and smart solution that is robust and hardwearing, economical and remarkably environmentally conscientious.”

The ecoDry mini