Healthcare professionals needed for free virtual consultation service

1-Apr-2020 will see at-home medical professional providing free advice to patients during the pandemic

A new virtual consultation service – – has been launched to provide a free, safe healthcare service that links worried patients to at-home healthcare professionals.

With the aim of easing the pressure on the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak; it gives patients access to medical consultations during the lock-down.

The free online service is currently recruiting registered doctors, including GPs, urgent care doctors and specialists; as well as specialist nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists; and other professionals.

The goal is to supply 100,000 online assessments and 25,000 online appointments by mobilising over 200 at-home clinicians as soon as possible.

Clinical leader of, Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown, said: "This new service will not cost the NHS a penny. By volunteering, or by using as a patient, you are freeing up NHS resource for someone who needs it.

"This is the phrase we all hear in an emergency: is there a doctor in the house? And this is that moment.

"We are appealing to medical staff to please come forward and sign up to volunteer your time.

"The NHS is moving towards an improvement in telemedicine - but not fast enough. And we're here to take up the slack.

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"We’re ready to sign up all healthcare professionals and will be delivering our first free consultations later this week."