Intouch with Health Virtual Clinics reduces patient numbers into hospital

Virtual Clinics has been designed to reduce the number of patients entering hospital by providing a virtual and video consultations solution, helping clinical teams deliver round-the-clock patient centred care with minimal set-up and training required

Virtual Clinics connects clinicians and patients virtually, removing the requirement for patients to attend hospital for their clinic appointment or consultation.

Virtual Clinics is the future-proof virtual consultation solution designed to fully integrate into the Intouch Platform – the prime provider of patient flow across the NHS and increasingly, healthcare organisations internationally. This solution can also be utilised as a stand-alone solution.

Deployed rapidly enabling NHS Trusts to realise key benefits quickly, Virtual Clinics offers PAS integration and patient authentication to match patients to their appointment, as well as a host of additional benefits from hosting virtual and video consultations.

Requiring minimal training and set-up time, Virtual Clinics offers an intuitive interface to new users and familiarity for existing users of the Intouch Platform. Patients check-in for their appointment using the same interface they would use at check-in kiosks at the hospital, and clinicians launch the solution through Flow Manager (which many clinicians already use).

Key benefits:

  • Immediately reduce traffic into hospital
  • Deployed in just a few days
  • Remote deployment available (providing technical infrastructure meets minimum requirements)
  • Easily scalable - designed for both quick deployment and a the long-term solution
  • Streamlined, phased set-up with minimal disruption and time on site to enable rapid launch
  • PAS integration
  • Patient authentication via integrated check-in process
  • Patients are flowed into the appropriate virtual waiting room, signalling to the clinician they are ready for the appointment
  • No app or software download required for staff or patients
  • Intuitive design – minimal training required (mirroring the interfaces patients and clinicians already use if the Intouch Platform is deployed in the hospital)
  • Reduces staff and clinic room requirements – no requirement for clinicians to travel to different sites for different clinics
  • Reduce Did Not Attends (DNA's) due to greater convenience of attending a virtual appointment
  • Reduce strain on physical hospital environment
  • Greater convenience and improved experience for patients
  • Eliminates travel costs and time for patients
  • Greater convenience for patients - no travel time required, less childcare / time off work
  • Future proof – Virtual Clinics uses the latest technology and updates are easily released throughout the Intouch Platform framework


In response to the current situation, Intouch with Health has this statement: "We understand that resources are being stretched by the outbreak of COVID-19 and deploying a new solution in the current environment will be challenging. As a result, we have designed Virtual Clinics to be deployed in streamlined phases, in order to enable a swift realisation of some key benefits, while maintaining a realistic approach to the practicalities of the current circumstances. Contact the team to find out more."

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