Jaga launches new freestanding radiator


Low surface temperature radiators designed to conform to NHS estates standards

Jaga Heating Products has launched a new freestanding radiator specially designed to achieve cool touch casing temperatures and to conform to the NHS Estates Health Guidance Note.

Setting a new industry standard for low surface temperature radiators, the Tempo LST Freestanding range is ideal for use in projects with large expanses of glazing or curtain walling.

While inconspicuous and low-profile, the radiators retain the powerful, high heat output of all Jaga models and are faster to respond than other proprietary LST radiators on the market. They can also be equipped with Jaga’s DBE technology to provide even higher output on low temperature systems. In addition, they feature Low-H20 technology to ensure perfectly regulated heat output.

Based on the concepts of low mass and low water, Low-H20 radiators operate at one tenth the weight and water content of a traditional LST radiator, meaning they heat faster and maintain the desired temperature precisely.

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Available in a range of casing depths from 130mm to 230mm, and lengths from 400mm to 3000mm; the Tempo LST Freestanding also comes with the option of a pencil proof grille which eliminates the possibility of small objects falling into the casing.