Lexacom re-appointed as supplier of digitial dictation to GPs


Contract with LMC Buying Groups Federation is extended for 12 months

Lexacom has today been re-appointed the ‘approved supplier’ of digital dictation services for the LMC Buying Groups Federation, which represents 45% of GP practices in the UK.

Having assessed a variety of digital dictation services, the federation first appointed Lexacom as its preferred supplier 12 months ago. That contract has now been extended for a further year.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, managing director of Lexacom, said: “We are delighted to be re-appointed by LMC Buying Groups Federation members. Combined with our other contracts, we are now the number one choice for GPs across the UK and we are determined to maintain that position by continuing to offer high-quality, flexible software at a competitive price.”

Lexacom’s dictation software was originally developed by doctors to meet the particular needs of the medical sector. Its latest software has been designed to make doctors’ lives even easier by offering improved integration with clinical systems, reporting functions which enable referrals to be tracked and audited, and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere, even while on hospital rounds.

Chief negotiator for the LMC Buying Groups Federation, Chris Locke, said: “Lexacom’s digital dictation software has proved a great hit with practices. We are accordingly very pleased to renew our agreement with them, delivering continued savings for members purchasing this valued product.”

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The LMC Buying Groups Federation is made up of 31 group from across England and Wales and its 4,500-strong membership represents nearly half of the total number of GP practices in the UK.