Loughborough Hospital reduces waiting times with new S1000 ultrasound system

Technology provides boost for musculoskeletal and general ultrasound work

Loughborough Hospital, part of Derbyshire Community Health Services, has improved its ultrasound capabilities and decreased patient waiting times by installing the ACUSON S1000 ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare.

The system, which was chosen for its imaging quality, has been installed in a newly-converted ultrasound room, allowing the hospital to increase capacity to more than 120 patients a week.

A third of the time the S1000 will be utilised for musculoskeletal ultrasound procedures, with the rest of its use for more generalised ultrasound work.

The ACUSON S1000 will supply Loughborough Hospital with first-rate imaging performance utilising Advanced SieClear spatial compounding. Siemens Dynamic TCE will also help to increase diagnostic accuracy by improving contrast resolution and border detection with a real-time compounding technique that applies industry-first 13 lines of sight at greater steering angles. Furthermore, the syngo eSieCalcs native tracing application helps to increase the speed of exams using border detection technology to segment an area of interest and automatically calculate results. Together, it is hoped these features will offer an improved and more-efficient service to patients at the hospital.

“We selected the ACUSON S1000 ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare as we were impressed with the high image quality and excellent staff training provided. It was essential that the staff were at ease with the system as it is in high demand within the hospital,” said Rowena Jessiman, radiology manager at Loughborough Hospital.

“The S1000 is a great addition to our ultrasound rooms, allowing us to see more patients and decrease the waiting list.”

From left to right:Peter Downing, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare; Elaine Hawker, receptionist; Rowena Jessiman, radiology manager; and Karl Leivars and Liz Phillips, senior radiographers