MR and CT systems provide excellent image quality at Western General Hospital


Siemens systems installed to improve oncology and neurology services

The Western General Hospital, one of NHS Lothian’s main adult acute hospital sites, has recently installed two imaging systems from Siemens Healthcare.

The MAGNETOM Aera MR and SOMATOM Definition AS CT system were selected for high image quality and speed, with staff remarking on the systems’ ease of use.

The installation followed a robust procurement and evaluation process, replacing two existing Siemens systems.

The MAGNETOM Aera will mainly be used for oncology as part of the hospital’s regional oncology centre status. The system’s advanced scanning software can automate many clinical steps and maintain image quality plus assisting with workflow. The Aera features Total imaging matrix (Tim 4G) and Day optimising throughput (DOT) technology integration for enhanced productivity, efficiency and high resolution imaging. DirectRF also helps to provide excellent RF signal purity and stability to deliver the best possible image quality. This is further boosted with 48 RF channels and lightweight coils.

The SOMATOM Definition AS provides fast and accurate diagnosis and is currently being used for colonoscopy, guided biopsy and other interventional procedures. The 64-slice Definition AS replaces a previous generation 16-slice system, providing an excellent improvement in image quality. The system ensures the right dose is received by patients with the use of Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). The use of Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) enables clinicians to undertake time-consuming and complex procedures rapidly.

“The image quality of the MAGNETOM Aera and SOMATOM Definition AS from Siemens Healthcare has received glowing feedback from the clinical team,” said Lorraine Hudson, associate sector manager for radiology at Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian.

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“The Definition AS joins another Siemens CT system based in the neurology department, which means familiarity of the user interface has been a benefit for our team.”