Mobvoi partners with MiaoMiao to help diabetic patients monitor glucose levels

Smart reader peripheral supports patients by automatically monitoring blood sugar levels via Mobvoi’s TicWatch range

A new partnership between Chinese firms MiaoMiao and Mobvoi will use the innovative TicWatch to measure glucose levels among patients with diabetes

Mobvoi has announced a new partnership with MiaoMiao to provide patients with digital diabetic monitoring tools.

Available via Mobvoi’s TicWatch line; MiaoMiao is a smart reader which enables patients to send their blood sugar data directly to their TicWatch at regular intervals, without the need for manual monitoring.

Turning the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor into a continuous glucose monitor, the reader automatically alerts patients via their TicWatch when their blood sugar level is within a set range.

Jon Dispenza, a Mobvoi and MiaoMiao customer, said: “Using a TicWatch to monitor my blood sugar levels has made managing my diabetes as easy as checking the time.”

Using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, like MiaoMiao, while connected to a smartwatch informs users of their glucose readings at a glance, right on their wrist.

it works through small sensors placed on the surface of the skin which continuously monitor blood sugar levels and send the readings from the CGM to the accompanying smartwatch app via Bluetooth connection.

The move turns the Turning the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor into a continuous glucose monitor

Zhifei Li, chief executive and founder of Mobvoi, said: “At Mobvoi we’re constantly thinking of new ways to help customers manage their health and wellbeing through artificial intelligence, from monitoring their daily workouts to tracking sleep patterns.

“Partnering with MiaoMiao was a natural next step for us as a business, and we look forward to working on more partnership solutions in the health and lifestyle spaces in the future.”

Pairing any TicWatch product with a CGM device and app will enable instant and continuous blood sugar level monitoring.

Kelly Wu, chief executive of MiaoMiao, said of the partnership: “We are excited to be working with Mobvoi to deliver better monitoring solutions to diabetes patients.

“The ease with which Mobvoi’s TicWatch portfolio pairs with the MiaoMiao smart reader makes it more convenient than ever before to provide accurate, regular and stable blood sugar data for all diabetic patients and help them lead a healthy life.”