More high-performance wall beds for the Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff


GP Care Systems has been asked to provide more ‘WISKAWAY’ beds for the third time

The 'WISKAWAY' wall bed

GP Care Systems, supplier of wall beds and guest beds for Hospitals and Hospices, has been asked to install more of its ‘WISKAWAY’ wall beds at the Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff.

GP Care Systems has been trading for more than 35 years and pioneered the use of wall beds in Hospitals to accommodate on-call staff and patients’ family members overnight – particularly for the ‘parents’ bed’ application on children’s wards.

The official launch customer for GP Care Systems’ ‘WISKAWAY’ hospital wall bed range was Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, more than 25 years ago and the original wall beds, which have been serviced a number of times over the intervening years, are still in use there today.

The first dedicated Children’s Hospital to specify ‘WISKAWAY’ wall beds throughout was the new Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and many of the new children’s hospitals, built since then, have followed suit.

The Childrens Hospital for Wales in Cardiff was one of these and GP Care Systems was asked to install 60 of its Vertical ‘WISKAWAY’ 7500H wall beds when it opened. The company was asked to install an additional batch of the same model for the new extension in 2015, when it also relocated and serviced some of the original beds. The hospital has recently placed a third order.

When properly planned into ward refurbishment and new-built projects, ‘WISKAWAY’ wall beds can be located near, or next to the patients’ beds and within each curtained off area in the bays and cubicles, providing the ultimate solution to putting up mum, or dad, in comfort, right next to their sick child.

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Specifically designed for heavy-duty use and fully counterbalanced and equipped with automatically opening and retracting legs and other safety features, ‘WISKAWAY’ wall beds can be whisked away in seconds, complete with all the bedding (including the pillows), into a smart, unobtrusive integral housing. A wide choice of finishes and optional matching furniture, such as lockers, work-tops, etc., can also be provided.

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