New SCHOTT EasyLED Spotlight Plus shines exceptionally bright

EasyLED Spotlight Plus from SCHOTT features strong light output of 140 lumens

SCHOTT has expanded its EasyLED series for use in stereomicroscopy to include the Spotlight Plus.

It offers extremely-high light output of 140 lm and therefore shines very bright. A heat dissipation device in the LED head ensures the spot, and the illuminated object, always remain cool.

The EasyLED Spotlight Plus comes in two different versions: as an individual spotlight with a single lighting head; and as a double spotlight with two lighting heads. The new Spotlight Plus’s LED head emits intensive light output of 140 lm. The light heads are equipped with special cooling lamellae that prevent the object that is being illuminated from heating up under the microscope. Furthermore, two LED heads can be used at the same time to achieve a sharp light-dark contrast in order to be able to view the objects under the microscope more clearly.

The Spotlight Plus is also easy to use and ergonomical. With the double spotlight, you can even change between the two individual light heads by repeatedly pressing the on and off button. The appropriate mounts and adapters allow for the light to be mounted on different microscopes.

The EasyLED Spotlight Plus features a wide-range power pack that covers a range of 100 to 240 V and 50 to 60 Hz. The individual and double Spotlight Plus have been officially tested and certified for use as laboratory equipment. They meet CE regulations and have thus been approved for the European market.