New USB Barcode Scanning Thermometer offers alternative data download methods

TM Electronics announces new take on best-selling MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode Thermometer

Would you like all the benefits of a paperless temperature monitoring system, but are unable to wirelessly download data?

UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is proud to announce a new take on its best-selling MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode Thermometer: the MM7005 USB Barcode Thermometer.

Why USB?

While Bluetooth downloading is a perfect solution for a lot of users, as Bluetooth is quick, easy to use, and most modern devices are Bluetooth-enabled, some users prefer a wired connection. This is where USB comes in. With USB, there’s no need to worry about connectivity or discoverability. Simply plug a USB cable into the MM7005 and download your data to computer, PDA, tablet or smartphone.

Who uses USB?

  • Public environments, such as exhibition halls that have a lot of background wireless traffic going on, resulting in slower Bluetooth signals
  • Organisations that hold sensitive information, and may have security worries about sending information wirelessly
  • Medical environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, where wireless signals can interfere with medical equipment
  • Any organisation that prefers to download data using a wired connection

How does it compare?

The new MM7005 is very similar to the MM7000, in that it harnesses barcode technology to deliver sophisticated paperless temperature data recording across a range of industries and applications – from food manufacturing and food service to industrial processing, water temperature monitoring and logistics. Both models boast an integrated barcode scanner which logs not only the temperature, time and date of each scan, but also, for complete due diligence, the unique identity and location of the test point.

The MM7000’s recently-introduced alarm function is also present in the MM7005. This function allows users to set their own critical alarm values for every temperature test point, which, when breached, instantly display a Low or High visual alarm so that remedial action can be quickly taken.

TM Electronics (UK) is the UK’s-leading handheld thermometer manufacturer, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. For more details on its extensive range of thermometers and temperature sensors visit the website for online purchasing or contact the sales team on 01903 700651or email


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