New bed mover improves portering efficiency


MasterMover launches new generation Bed Mover

The new generation Bed Mover, a pedestrian-operated electric tug for the transportation of hospital patients, is the most-efficient and easiest-to-use solution available, according to its manufacturer, MasterMover.

Key to the performance of the new machine is a unique coupling mechanism, which is the subject of a patent application and offers an innovative solution to the needs of hospital porters.

Extendable arms on the machine grasp the legs of the bed for a secure and easy connection. This new design not only removes the need to lift the bed onto the Bed Mover – thereby improving safety for porters – but it means that hospital managers benefit from maximum flexibility when specifying beds.

“The Bed Mover can easily cater for different bed designs, regardless of whether the castor is located at the corner of the frame or set back under the bed,” said Andy Owen, managing director of MasterMover.

The Bed Mover can be used by a single operator throughout the hospital with little effort required. It fits comfortably into lifts so that beds can be moved between floors with ease, while its non-marking castors are suitable for smooth and carpeted surfaces.

Another hi-tech innovation is the introduction of a wireless controlled option, enabling a porter to move the bed while walking along behind it. The remote control gives the porter full access to steering, variable speed control, auto braking and emergency stop functions. For more-complex maneuvering, an integral joystick controller can be specified.

The Bed Mover has been developed with quiet operation and smooth movement for patient comfort, while its wipe-clean, anti-microbial paint supports infection control practices.

It can be charged at any mains socket for porter convenience. Another feature on the new machine is a power save function, which automatically switches the Bed Mover off after 10 minutes of inactivity to prevent power drainage.

The new Bed Mover complements the SmartMover, MasterMover’s other highly-successful electric tug for hospitals, used for moving items as diverse as medical records, food trolleys, clinical waste and roll cages of laundry.

“The use of electric tugs at hospitals throughout the UK has proven the value they offer in increasing productivity, improving safety and enabling portering resources to be used in a more efficient manner,” said Owen.

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“This new Bed Mover will play its part in simplifying a routine task that portering teams face every day.”