New energy-efficient hand dryer dries 59 pairs of hands for 1p


Minimise Water launches the Energy Saving Hand Dryer for high-footfall locations

Minimise Water has introduced the new Energy Saving Hand Dryer, which will quickly reduce energy consumption, improve hygiene, and save money in commercial bathrooms and washrooms.

Powered by Savortex EcoCurve, key features of Minimise Water's Energy Saving Hand Dryer include:

  • A hygienic dry in 11 seconds
  • A cost per dry of less than 0.02p
  • An energy-efficient 550W motor reduces carbon footprint. Most heated units use motors of around 1,500W or more
  • Integrated intelligent reporting, monitoring and recording of washroom usage data to automate and optimise cleaning and maintenance schedules
  • Digital brushless motor provides 10 times more operational life than brushed motor equivalents
  • Self-cleaning air channel adaptor technology removes the need for associated consumables
  • The dryer has a seven year parts guarantee and its technology is endorsed by the GreenSpec PASS panel, the UK’s-leading ‘Green Building’ resource

The Energy Saving Hand Dryer is an ideal upgrade for public washrooms and bathrooms, providing the greatest efficiencies in high-footfall locations such as hospital buildings.

With its energy-efficient 550W motor, it offers the lowest carbon footprint per dry and intelligently reports on the energy used, drying 59 pairs of hands for an operating cost of just 1p - a 99% cost saving compared to a dry with paper towels. This is equivalent to 17p per 1,000 pairs of hands dried, whereas other units typically achieve around 28p per 1,000 hands dried.

Its impressive drying performance is the result of smart technology ,which ensures that warm air is directed straight onto the user's palms, offering a quick, efficient, and hygienic service. By incorporating the Savortex EcoCurve curved air and heat recovery technology, the dryer also minimises wasted air and splash back, typical of traditional hand dryers.

The dryer uses the latest antimicrobial additive to protect against degradation and bacteria while its low-sound, digital, brushless motor ensures minimum noise levels and delivers 10 times longer life than a brushed motor.

The Energy Saving Hand Dryer has a curved, slimline, space saving design with a profile depth of 134mm from the wall. Installation is simple, taking just 10 minutes per unit.

Once installed, the dryer relays and stores real time usage data to its online portal, allowing building owners to manage their system more effectively. By identifying trends, users can improve washroom energy management and efficiency, increasing profitability and carbon reductions while simultaneously simplifying maintenance and hygiene compliance.

Rob Denny, commercial director of Minimise Water, said: “It is faster and cheaper, reducing energy and carbon. With its Smart features, it results in more hygienic washrooms for less cost. Our new hand dryer is a truly sustainable solution for high-footfall washrooms.”

"There are multiple opportunities to improve efficiencies in public washrooms. By combining smaller motors and directional air technology with real-time data, building owners and operators will be able to maximise efficiencies and also identify new opportunities to optimise performance."

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The Energy Saving Hand Dryer joins the High Performance Toilet in Minimise Water's Sustainable Washroom range. The range brings together a carefully-considered portfolio of innovative products designed to maximise commercial washroom performance in terms of energy, water, cost and hygiene. Available from a single source, Minimise Water will provide design and finance consultancy services, as well as installation, commissioning, maintenance and compliance support, ensuring that washroom sustainability is not compromised over time.