Olympus releases standalone controller for DP26 camera


New technology makes it possible to view samples and capture images without the need for a dedicated computer

Olympus has released a new standalone controller for its 5 megapixel DP26 camera, making it possible to view samples and capture images directly on a monitor without the need for dedicated computer.

The launch means the system can now be used to capture images in mere seconds, rather than having to start a PC.

Small and lightweight, the unit can be easily transferred between laboratories, takes up very little bench space and provides intuitive control of the DP26 camera’s functions. Images can be saved to a USB memory stick via the inbuilt USB port or to a network drive via Ethernet connection and can be viewed using the on-screen menu.

The new controller can be optimally positioned for user comfort and allows ultra-fast imaging, without needing to boot up a computer or load dedicated software. This is especially useful for applications such as cell culture and pathology, as well as for microscopes shared by large groups. Using the controller, the camera can be linked directly to a monitor screen, while providing simple and intuitive control of digital zoom, image capture and colour balance.

Utilising the progressive scan readout, the DP26 is capable of producing totally fluid imaging at up to 16 frames per second, while avoiding the occurrence of any distracting artefacts. This permits monitor-based viewing as a valid alternative to oculars, removing any associated physical strain and improving user comfort during prolonged use.

And the expanded screen display improves precision and diminishes risk of error in sample evaluation and micro-manipulation, while the natural colour rendition of the DP26 camera allows accurate collaborative analysis, teaching and data presentation.

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Flavio Giacobone, product manager for the micro-imaging solutions division at Olympus Europa, said: “The new standalone controller extends the qualities of the DP26 camera in a new direction, offering a powerful, high-resolution imaging system that is fully operational in seconds, all at the touch of a button. Natural details and colours of the sample are now extended to the digital monitor, assisting intuitive and confident handling and analysis, whether during intensive routine duties, or when sharing with an audience.”