Park Solve to bring free parking to cancer patients


New tablet technology enables trusts to offer parking discounts to eligible patients

Park Solve is working with NHS trusts to bring free parking to NHS cancer patients.

The company currently operates car parks for 23 NHS sites, where cancer patients are given special dispensation to enjoy complimentary parking for the duration of their treatment.

Long term, Park Solve wants to grow this and is working closely with the individual trusts to bring this benefit to the masses.

The specific NHS car parks are monitored by specially-designed software, which uses the latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) techniques to allow users to park in line with the site rules set by the trust.

Where free parking is provided, Park Solve uses tablet technology which overrides the system to allow free parking to eligible patients.

Commenting on the software, Park Solve NHS partnership manager, Nigel Tobin, said: “We are aware that hospital parking is controversial topic.

“However, at Park Solve we are working with NHS trusts to enable cancer patients to receive free parking.

“By using our number plate recognition technology and tablet technology within the hospitals, patients are able to register for free parking.

“They will be able to enjoy this benefit for the duration of their treatment, taking out any additional stress at this already-difficult time in their lives.” Sign up for your free email newsletter

He added: “In offering the tablet technology we are helping trusts to adhere to the Department of Health guidelines on NHS car parking from 2014.