Ponte Giulio launches new, super-strong grab bar fastening in the UK


Ponte Giulio appointed sole distributor for WINGITS – the world’s-strongest wall fixture

Ponte Giulio has been appointed sole distributor for WINGITS – the world’s strongest wall fixture.

Nick Gontar, business development manager at Ponte Giulio, said: “When weight and strain is applied to wall fixtures and fittings, over time they can work themselves loose and become unsafe.

Although there are lots of different wall fixture and fastening solutions available on the market, very few of them offer the strength and durability of WINGITS.

“Most walls in the UK are stud/dry wall systems and WINGITS have proven to be the strongest fastenings in the world.”

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WINGITS meet and exceed ADA guidelines. The grab bar fastening takes less than 15 minutes to install, with no special tools required.