Purite futureproofs Centurion


Single patient water purification unit is enhanced to offer nocturnal dialysis

Centurion, Purite’s single patient water purification unit, has been further enhanced and futureproofed to comply with the latest electrical safety legislation and the increasing demand by clinicians for ‘nocturnal dialysis’.

Aimed primarily at the home healthcare market for haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration, Centurion’s user-selectable nocturnal dialysis function, allows patients to dialyse overnight without being disturbed.

Since introducing the product to the market, Purite has continued to enhance the design and operation of Centurion in order to keep pace with the ever-changing demands from clinicians, patients and government legislation.

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With its ability to run in nocturnal mode, combined with additional operating features, simplified user-friendly patient menu structure, and compliance to the latest electrical safety requirements, Centurion is now futureproofed for those looking to purchase dialysis water treatment equipment.