Quadrant Carpets' Frequency range inspires the individual in us all


New tile range provides a smart choice for open-plan spaces

Frequency, the latest carpet tile creation from Quadrant Carpets, is gaining momentum with numerous of its architect and interior design clients.

Its myriad combinations, from light, subtle hues, to vibrant iridescent colours and blends of textures, allows the designer a truly-personalised palette.

The subtle colour-ways within the range provide a smart choice for open-plan spaces, creating a platform to positively influence the work environment.

Floor colours can be dialled up or desaturated, exploiting the boundaries between both form and function, making the range perfect for transitional space between office and breakout. The Frequency range allows the designer to create statement designs, wayfinders and floor zoning, using standard and customised tiles blended with solid tiles to showcase the designer's creativity.

James Scully, chief designer and managing director at Quadrant Carpets, said: "Frequency has captured the current design mood in highly-personalised environments. As the platform on which to build a unique project space, architects and designers are allowing this product's extensive possible combinations to cascade, and add emphasis across a design."

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Created in 12 colour-ways, the Frequency range folder is available to order now.