Real-time energy monitoring system increases LED lighting savings


Minimise Energy lauinches The Minimise Monitoring and Control System

A new wireless energy monitoring system which gives organisations real-time energy consumption statistics can significantly extend the energy savings achieved when replacing a traditional commercial lighting system with LEDs.

The Minimise Monitoring and Control System, powered by Realtime Online, is available from Minimise Energy. It can be used to benchmark consumption patterns and influencing environmental factors ahead of a lighting refurbishment programme. It is equally suited to long-term applications where it can be used to identify ongoing energy efficiency opportunities in a room, building, or across an entire estate.

The system works by collecting data via Radio Frequency (RF) from a range of meters and battery-operated wireless sensors attached to specific circuits. These operate on a frequency that will not interfere with existing equipment or IT infrastructure. In most instances, the sensors are simply clipped into place and require no additional wiring. Where this is not possible a split-core voltage current transformer is used. In 90% of applications, existing equipment can remain in operation during the installation period.

Most units of this type collect data over a 24-hour period, aggregating it to provide consumption information. The Minimise Monitoring and Control system provides reported data constantly, giving users a much-clearer picture of their energy use and the factors that impact consumption.

It can also be used to assess a business' wider energy consumption patterns. By monitoring continuously, the system can determine previously ‘unseen' activities that directly affect energy waste - such as the impact of door and window openings on a building's heating bills.

This continuous monitoring is also ideal for unmanned buildings where a change in the reported environment can be used to trigger an email alert to an individual who can take the appropriate action.

The resulting information can be used by facilities or energy managers to identify opportunities for improvement. It can also be used by Minimise's energy efficiency specialists to devise a bespoke LED solution for each business's individual energy profile.

For many commercial applications, data of this type can accurately calculate energy savings, and so is fundamental in unlocking infrastructure improvement budgets at board level.

"The Minimise Monitoring and Control System gives organisations the opportunity to gain a firm understanding of their existing energy usage and the precise savings available, ensuring the correct light levels are achieved with the minimum energy," said Nigel Dawson, monitoring and controls product director at Minimise Energy.

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"In terms of LED lighting, the system can be used to monitor existing fluorescent outputs and the like-for-like savings LEDs can bring. Further available savings, achieved by fitting motion sensors, for example, can also be accurately projected through the software."