Regency Design launches new hand sanitising unit with built-in temperature monitoring


Automatic system has built-in infrared face recognition thermometer

An automatic hand sanitiser dispensing station with a built-in AI Infrared Face Recognition Thermometer is the latest innovation from Regency Design to combat the future spread of COVID-19.

The design and manufacturing business has launched the new station with a fast, non-contact body temperature-reading camera with AI face recognition that can measure temperatures within 100 milliseconds and at a distance of 1m, while someone sanitises their hands.

The infrared temperature sensor provides alerts when a person has a high temperature. And the system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, with a temperature sensing range of 30 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius and an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius.

Zak Manhire, chief commercial officer at Regency Design, said: “The units have been designed to help keep people safe by ensuring that they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19 in an easy, stress-free and non-invasive way.”

The hand sanitising dispensers are made out of premium-qquality products and cut down on sanitiser costs by using sensory technology to disperse 1.5ml of sanitiser per hand detected.

And they are fully brandable as they are coated with a base powder which can be adjusted to match any colour, with the added bonus of placing vinyl graphics on if requested. The stations can also come in various sizes, providing convenience for adults and children.

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