Safe heating solution for Birmingham care home


Tempo LST radiators provide comfort for first of five new care home facilities

One of five new care home developments has opened in Birmingham.

Planned as part of a £200m development programme between The ExtraCare Charitable Trust and Birmingham City Council, Hagley Road Village is an example of the ‘home-from-home’ expectations the care home industry faces today.

Built on the site of the former Lambert Court Hotel, the Hagley Road Village is one of five similar developments across Birmingham city. The state-of-the-art village focuses on enabling older adults to live comfortably in their own homes, with support services that assist them to live independently.

The complex includes 240 spacious apartments, each equipped with its own living room, kitchen and balcony. The village also hosts a café bar, fitness suite with a gym, library, hairdresser, beauty salon and an indoor bowling green.

Regal Mechanical and Electrical Services chose Jaga’s Tempo LST radiator as the heating solution for the village.

With the cool-to-touch outer casing remaining below 43°C, Tempo LST radiators are effective in preventing accidental burns in safety-sensitive environments, where vulnerable occupants are present. This allowed for a radiator to be installed in every room of each apartment, as well as stairwells, hallways and communal areas in the complex.

Furthermore, the design includes softly-profiled corners, which reduces the chance of injury, should an elderly resident fall onto one of the units. Additionally, all valves and connections that heat up during use are safely incorporated inside the radiator’s casing. These features also conform to the NHS Estates Health Guidance note.

With its integrated Low-H2O technology, the Tempo radiator is also an effective heating solution that offers one of the lowest running costs in the UK LST market. Low H2O means low mass, low water content which means that it is able to respond to changing temperatures rapidly and efficiently, and reduces heating bills by around 10% compared with traditional radiators.

Efficient logistics were also crucial for Regal. The Tempo’s flat-packed design allows for easy handling and storage minimising packaging materials. The heating elements and brackets were also delivered in advance of the casing to enable early commissioning and minimise the potential for damage.

Jaga’s Tempo LST radiator was chosen as the heating solutionSign up for your free email newsletter

Jaga’s Tempo LST radiator was chosen as the heating solution