Securikey’s low-cost key tracking solution offered as standard

Company extend functionality of high-security cabinets

Securikey has extended the functionality offered by its extensive range of high-security key cabinets, vaults and key filing systems by incorporating the innovative closed-loop feature across all steel door models as standard.

Securikey’s closed-loop system offers a reliable, low-cost solution for organisations who, in addition to controlling the use of day-to-day keys, also need to monitor the use of specific ‘high-importance’ keys but without the expense of complex high-tech systems.

Steel loops are moulded onto the back wall of each Securikey key cabinet and tamper-resistant seals are supplied, allowing customers to fasten selected keys in place so they cannot be removed without detection. These loops are accessed by removing the top hook bar within the cabinet, which can then be replaced to cover the sealed keys if desired to allow the full complement of hooks to be used, as well as providing additional security by ensuring ‘high-importance’ keys are kept out of sight. The number of loops varies depending on the size of the Securikey key cabinet required, from three loops in a 20 hook cabinet to seven in a 100 hook cabinet.

Securikey’s extensive range of key cabinets provides a robust, reliable key protection solution to meet a diverse range of requirements. A variety of effective management features are offered, including index cards, key tabs, rings and numbers in addition to security seals and closed loops that provide clear evidence of tampering or removal. Cabinets are constructed from pressed and folded steel and can be secured with a choice of locking options depending on the model selected, from traditional key locks to a range of electronic locks. All high-security key control systems are tested to the highest standards to enable reliable safeguarding against lost or stolen keys. A 3mm steel body and 6mm slab door, mounted on concealed hinges, offer impressive resistance to attack, while meeting another practical need in the form of a powder coating for easy cleaning in a sterile environment.

Also available are specialist key systems to suit specific applications, including cabinets that offer secure storage for both keys and personal belongings and are fitted with an electronic lock as standard.