Siemens introduces 'teamplay'


New cloud-based network for imaging departments

  • teamplay network evaluates the extensive amount of data and information generated by imaging devices
  • The network creates a pool of knowledge and data around scanner capacity utilisation, examination times, and dose
  • Data is compared and benchmarked against in-house and third-party reference values in order to analyse and compare processes


Siemens Healthineers has launched its new cloud-based network, encouraging connectivity, comparison, and collaboration across imaging departments in the UK.

The teamplay network makes it possible to assess the capacity utilisation of imaging devices, the various work sequences and individual examinations in an uncomplicated and easy-to-follow way.

Imaging departments are able to compare this data, in anonymised form, against values from similar healthcare providers for objective analysis, in turn helping hospitals to implement long-term improvements.

“Imaging systems generate a lot of data, however very little of it is utilised to make improvements," said Ben Reed, syngo business manager, for Great Britain and Ireland at Siemens Healthineers.

“The teamplay network is intended to help hospitals make the most of this data, analyse it, and exchange it with other experts, forming the basis for prompt and well-informed decision-making. This can be in a clinical, financial or operational sense."

The teamplay network is accessible on tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, and the high data protection standards offered ensure patient data is always anonymised.

The new tool works by using an easy-to-install DICOM application that connects to the teamplay user network.

Data relevant for evaluation is encrypted for transmission to the teamplay cloud network, where it can be accessed at any time with the appropriate authorisation.

In the tool, members have flexible access to the information available.

teamplay offers an entirely-free basic service, allowing users to see the reports from Siemens scanners. There is then an available upgrade to allow access to data from all manufacturers’ systems.

Packages currently available include usage, dose and protocols, and a number of new packages are currently being developed with many future applications both for radiology and outside radiology.

The teamplay network encompasses a clean and intuitive design so information can be analysed at a glance.

It monitors the whole imaging department with indepth functions and ensures imaging statistics can be shared with other sites within the region, country or worldwide.

It records information around the number of examinations per hour, the time and nature of the examination, total capacity utilisation for the device, and the time it takes to move from one patient to the next. This knowledge helps to optimise hospital and employee workloads, in turn cutting patient waiting times and reducing costs.

Reed said: “Pressures are mounting in hospitals across the UK to make operational and financial efficiencies. teamplay provides the information required to make positive protocol changes and streamline workflow.

“Users are able to identify performance areas that need adjustment at a glance and analyse them against other hospitals or scanners within their trust.

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“At a time when radiologists are constantly looking to improve operations, the network can help to bring a wide range of benefits and encourage the implementation of positive change.”