Single-room design boosted by new call system


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A NEW nurse call system has been installed at the £225m Pembury Hospital in Kent. The IPiN solution was deployed by The Wandsworth Group and is one of a number of state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings featured at the new hospital, which is due to open within weeks and boasts 100% single en-suite rooms for patients. This set up makes it even more important that patients can call for assistance when necessary. Contracts manager, David Harper, from The Wandsworth Group, said: "Our system combines hard-wired practicality with wireless Ethernet functionality, allowing the nurse call system to be integrated with other technologies, including technologies manufactured and installed by other providers. As healthcare technology continues to advance, therefore, the hospital's investment in the IPiN system will continue to add value as new systems can be fully integrated retrospectively." In all, more than 800 units have been installed across the 612-bed building as part of a £650,000 contact.