SonoSite’s NanoMaxx ideal for paediatric retrievals in remote areas


Ultrasound system used for safe transfer of patients across Scotland

SonoSite’s NanoMaxx ultrasound system is proving a key asset for ambulance and helicopter paediatric retrievals across Scotland, helping to ensure the safe transfer of patients from remote, rural sites.

Jon McCormack, a consultant in paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care retrieval at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, said: “The Paediatric Retrieval Service is responsible for the transport of critically-ill and injured children across Scotland to the nearest paediatric intensive care unit, often from extremely-isolated locations with no critical care facilities. While ultrasound equipment may be available, it is unlikely to be suitable for line placement in a baby or child, and so the Paediatric Retrieval Service invested in a NanoMaxx system that is taken to all call-outs.

“For a retrieval service, portability, size and weight are important considerations. The system must also have a good battery life, as a retrieval can take several hours, during which time it may not be possible to charge the system. In addition, it should be easy to clean and water- wind- and drop-proof to a certain extent, as the system may be used both indoors and out, sometimes in extreme conditions.

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“We’ve had the NanoMaxx for two or three years now, and it is ideal. It is very user friendly – just turn on and scan – allowing me to insert a line more rapidly and safely, with 100 % confidence that it is correctly placed.”