Spire Portsmouth one of first to install Multix Fusion X-ray system

Equipment will improve throughput and enhance the patient experience

Spire Portsmouth Hospital has become one of the first health centres in the UK to install a Multix Fusion general radiology system.

The equipment, from Siemens Healthcare, delivers accurate and efficient examination times leading to improved patient comfort and radiology throughput. It also features a user-friendly interface for radiographers and a reduced footprint to fit the confines of examination rooms.

Covering all routine applications, the system is available in analogue or digital configuration, and offers outstanding contrast through the on-board DiamondView Plus post-processing tool and uses Caesium iodide (CsI) for intelligent dose reductions of up to half. Further dose reduction measures include the Multix Fusion’s low-absorption table-top material, pre-set copper filters, and streamlined monitoring and recording of dose delivered to patients. The system’s compact footprint allows it to fit into virtually all existing X-ray rooms without extensive works or limiting the types of patients it can be used on.

“This has been an example of an absolutely perfect imaging system installation,” said Rosemary Bell, radiology manager at Spire Portsmouth. “The Multix Fusion system offers extreme accuracy, greater throughput and high levels of efficiency. The system is being used for all general radiography at the department and we are very, very pleased with the results it delivers.”