Telehealth scheme to help reduce hospital visits for UTI patients


Cornwall trust extends telehealth programme to include home urinalysis technology

The rollout of telehealth and telecare devices continues with the launch this week of a programme to improve the management of urinary tract infections (UTIs) among patients in Cornwall.

NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly is extending its telehealth programme with the introduction of Roche Urisys 1100 urinalysis meters. These will be used to provide remote support to patients with recurring UTIs in an effort to reduce the number of patients hospitalised by the condition.

Under the scheme, following initial assessment via a telemedicine centre, patients will perform a simple urine test at home using Roche Combur 5 test strips and a Roche Urisys 1100 point-of-care urinalysis meter. The patient dips the strip in a urine sample, places it in the meter and telephones the result to healthcare staff, who can then initiate any required antibiotic therapy to be started at the earliest opportunity.

“Telehealth helps patients to manage their conditions more effectively,“ said Dave Tyas, telehealth and service improvement manager at NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. “It gives them greater independence and peace of mind, and has contributed to earlier diagnosis and treatment. We are confident this scheme will help to save the NHS money by improving patient care, making trips to the doctor more appropriate and, where possible, keeping people out of hospital.“

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