The 2018 BBH Awards presents the Best ProCure Project in collaboration with P22

In celebration of the third instalment of the ProCure framework, the Building Better Healthcare Awards will be awarding the Best ProCure Project under the P21+ framework.

ProCure22 (P22) is a Construction Procurement Framework administered by the Department of Health (DH) for the development and delivery of NHS and Social Care capital schemes in England. Just months after the launch of the P22 framework, projects worth more than £200m have been scheduled for NHS and social care estate improvements.

ProCure22's predecessors, P21 and P21+, provided the NHS with the tools to deliver improved estate performance while lowering construction and maintenance costs.

New category for 2018

In recognition of this groundbreaking platform, established by Procure, the ‘Best ProCure Project’ will be awarded to the best P21+ project. The project will be proven to deliver efficiency and productivity within the built environment.

Entry Criteria

To qualify entrants must demonstrate key elements within the following criteria:

  • Be completed under the ProCure framework.
  • Show the implementation of building information modelling (BIM).
  • Highlight the development of standardised products and repeatable rooms.
  • Show efficiency within the project including cost, sustainability and carbon reduction.
  • Show a level of understanding of the specific needs of those who will be using the building.
  • How to enter

    To enter, visit the official Building Better Healthcare Awards website, but hurry if you don’t want to miss out as entries will close at the end of July

    If you need help creating your entry our editorial team is available to give you one-on-one guidance throughout the process. Email with any questions that you may have.

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