Transalis to launch data prescription solution for health sector

Technology specialist expands its ‘Capture, Connect, Secure’ cloud solution to healthcare organisations

Transalis has built a new version of its solution to aid with NHS procurement activities

A technology specialist whose automation platform underpins billions of pounds worth of global trade is preparing to pitch its benefits to the UK health sector.

Portsmouth-based Transalis will showcase its ‘Capture, Connect, Secure’ approach to representatives of NHS trusts, hospitals and suppliers at the forthcoming GS1 UK Healthcare Conference.

Its cloud solution enables organisations to automate transactions securely and avoid costly manual and paper-based processes and associated errors.

It currently facilitates the exchange of millions of documents a year, underpinning billions of pounds worth of stock orders and invoices across 32 countries.

Now, ahead of the forthcoming conference, Transalis has built a dedicated, fully-managed solution that is compliant with NHS procurement requirements and backed by an added Wi-Fi security shield.

Roy Garlick, Transalis global channel manager, said: “In designing our solution, we wanted to reflect the famous NHS proposition of service free at the point of use.

“In our case, this means a platform on which all transactions governed by e-procurement PEPPOL standards could be free to the individual organisation, subject to a monthly fair use policy.

“We are fully PEPPOL and GS1-certified and believe a seamless service offers huge potential for efficiency improvements in all aspects of healthcare procurement, including ordering, invoicing and supply chain management.

“As well as capturing and storing data, we enable users to process, retrieve and share documents across their entire organisation and with trading partners, anywhere, globally.

“Existing systems tend to rely on parties having previously-agreed standards, message formats and processes, but it is exactly this restriction that our solution removes.

“We provide the ‘glue’, enabling organisations of all sizes, regardless of IT deployed, to communicate digitally with each other and integrate efficiently.”

As part of its new healthcare solution, Transalis will be showcasing an innovative security shield that identifies and repels attempts of intrusion, hacking, and eavesdropping from connected devices in the locality of the hospital, NHS trust office, or supplier premises.