Vida Hall sets benchmark for dementia care


New £5m, 70-bed facility opens in Harrogate

A pioneering new care home for people living with dementia will open its doors in Harrogate this week after being officially certified by the Care Quality Commission.

Vida Hall is the brainchild of father and son team, Chris and James Rycroft from Knaresborough, who have created a £5m purpose-built facility which offers full day and residential care.

James said: “Vida Hall has been three years in the planning and every single aspect has been thoroughly researched and developed to bring together the best in current thinking in the field of dementia care by collaborating with specialist spacial, environmental and medical experts.

"At Vida we firmly believe that, with the right environment and care, people living with dementia can have a happy, independent and stimulating life. We are committed to improving long-term wellbeing and freedom of choice and, in particular, we are very proud to be working with leading experts to demonstrate that there are better alternatives to the use of antipsychotic medication, which research shows is still being oversubscribed for dementia care."

The 70-bed residential facility is divided into four specialist homes depending on the level of care needed.

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Daycare facilities are available for up to 10 clients who will be able to take full advantage of therapeutic interventions, personal care support and opportunities for social engagement and activities. They will also have the same access to the latest medical and dementia care initiatives as residents.