Zebra announces regulatory approval for Deep Learning Imaging Analytics Engine


Company releases most-comprehensive imaging analytics platform on the market to assist physicians and healthcare providers in providing better care

Zebra Medical Vision has been granted the CE approval for its Deep Learning Analytics Engine in Europe.

The company’s product provides automated analysis of imaging data, helping radiologists provide faster, more-accurate and comprehensive reports.

The engine can be integrated into PACS, RIS, Reporting and EMR systems, providing a seamless flow for physicians.

AI in healthcare has been gaining significant support and adoption over the past 12 months.

In a recent Research and Markets report, it was estimated that Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will witness a growth rate of 62.2% between 2016-2022.

The Zebra-Med Engine currently analyses CT data for signs of fatty liver, excess coronary calcium, emphysema, low bone density, and vertebral compression fractures.

In addition, more than a dozen new algorithms that detect life-threatening diseases will be released in the coming months.

Zebra-Med’s engine can be deployed in both cloud and on-premise configurations and its insights help radiologists provide more-comprehensive, consistent reports.

The company’s unique platform allows healthcare organisations to discover chronic diseases earlier, giving them the opportunity to establish preventative care programmes, improving care while reducing the overall patient treatment costs.

“Machine learning will change the way radiology is practiced in the coming years,” said Professor Gabriel Krestin, chairman of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

“I believe it will make radiologists more productive, and I also believe that new use cases and value propositions will emerge as the technology is implemented widely. It is a very-exciting time for radiology.”

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“Providing tools that assist radiologists in delivering better care is critical and is the driving force behind our mission,” said Elad Benjamin, co-founder and chief executive of Zebra-Med.