Bio-Rite hits the road with new mobile decontamination unit

Published: 17-Jun-2016

Mobile conversion houses specially-developed hydrogen peroxide chamber which can decontaminate items of equipment and mattresses safely and efficiently

Infection control company, Bio-Rite, is to hit the road with a new mobile decontamination unit.

The 7.5-tonne truck has been fully converted to enable Bio-Rite’s staff and franchisees to visit the NHS, local authorities, care and nursing homes to provide decontamination services on-site for the first time.

“The mobile conversion which houses a specially-developed hydrogen peroxide chamber will be able to decontaminate items of equipment and mattresses safely and efficiently, yet also offer a rapid four-hour turn-around service as required,” said Alan Wright, managing director of Bio-Rite.

“This means hospitals and care homes can have essential items of care equipment back in circulation quickly.

“As a matter of course, some institutions simply ‘wipe over’ equipment. However, this is not a sufficient procedure to control certain common pathogens such as MRSA, C.Difficile or Norovirus.

“Bio-Rite is one of the few companies in the UK that is able to offer a range of products and services that are needed to ensure an infection-free healthcare environment.

“Usually decontamination takes place at our own facility. However, our new mobile unit now means staff can be safe in the knowledge effective decontamination of equipment has taken place for the benefit of their vulnerable patients, while the items never need to leave the premises.

“For our franchisees, the mobile decontamination unit will also be able to provide a valuable showcase for new clients to demonstrate the capability and effectiveness of our range of infection control services. Initially the unit will be available to clients in the South East and, as our network of franchisees grows, we will look at adding more mobile units to roll out more widely across the UK.”

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