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NHS Nightingale Hospitals: an experiment in risk-conscious modular construction

How an offsite approach to providing emergency field hospitals for the COVID-19 response is helping to mitigate the ...

Special report: How healthcare architects responded to the COVID-19 crisis

We speak to the design team behind Nightingale hospitals and emergency coronavirus field units across the UK

Approval for St Ann’s Hospital eating disorders unit

Medical Architecture-designed facility to increase number of beds available in the area

When hospital buildings aren’t healthy

Andrew Cooper, managing director of Smartlouvre Technology, reveals how the very-latest in solar shading solutions ...

Caring for the vulnerable: the future of care homes

Gavin Bashar, UK managing director of Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the future of care homes and the crucial role ...

Department of Clinical Neurosciences opens in Edinburgh

First stage of beleaguered development is handed over after delays with new children's hospital

No dust allowed: when containment equipment is a must

AMI Environmental, a health and safety service firm, explains why it has chosen Hepacart as its go-to partner in ...

Work progresses on Charterpoint’s Nottinghamshire care home

Social distancing and infection control measures help team stick to construction schedule

BES completes first phase of pharmacy and aseptic suite project

Specialist delivers landmark facility at Weston Park Hospital

COMMENT: Will the legacy of COVID-19 be joined-up care services?

Steve Whiting, lead on health sector initiatives for Cantium, which is driving the implementation of the Kent and ...

Health experts reveal 10 most important medicines in NHS history

Antipsychotics, breast cancer drug, oral contraceptives and MMR vaccine make the top 10

Creating safe, comfortable places for people with dementia

We speak to Kate Waterston of Construction Specialties about the secret to creating truly-dementia-friendly environments

Procurement must become centre stage in the NHS if we’re to cope with the public health demands of the nation

Jonathan Wedgbury, Genmed’s chief executive officer, provides advice about how NHS supply chains and procurement ...

Technological advances still need to be made to tackle COVID-19

Highland Marketing advisory board members argue that a second wave of innovation is needed to embed change in the ...

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