Building Better Healthcare Awards

Building Better Healthcare awards confirms Envirolyte as an official sponsor

Published: 23-Oct-2017

Envirolyte will be the official sponsor of the Facilities Team of the Year category at this year's annual Building Better Healthcare Awards

Electrolysed Water provides Safe, Cost Effective Disinfection in Water or on Surfaces to Eradicate & Prevent, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Pathogens & other Microorganisms, including Fungi, Spores, Biofilm, Bioburden, and Lime Scale.

Envirolyte’s mission in the UK is to be the Sole UK dealer for Anolyte ANK & Catholyte - Envirolyte’s disinfection and cleaning liquids - that are produced by Envirolyte’s machines, as the product of choice for our UK customer's including any of their overseas locations.,/p>

By reducing the number of harmful chemicals that are still being used in the UK and around the world, employees and home users are better protected within the commercial or domestic workplace.

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