Cherwell Laboratories adds to personnel

Employs field sales specialist

Cherwell Laboratories, a UK specialist in the manufacture of prepared microbiological media and supply of instruments for the pharmaceutical and related industries, has appointed Sandra Hulme as a field sales specialist.

Hulme has experience of both microbiology and the IVF media industry and will be Cherwell’s expert in cleanroom and process monitoring. Her responsibilities will include sales of Cherwell’s newly added product line, DataTrace, a wireless data logging system used to measure temperature, humidity and pressure directly inside a process or a product during sterilisation with minimal production downtime, as well as the SAS range of microbial air samplers.

The appointment is one of a number of investments that Cherwell is currently making in its business following a year where it has grown by 14%.

‘This continued growth means that we can make further investments in our business that we hope will be beneficial to our customers,’ said Andy Whittard, managing director of the Bicester, UK-based firm. ‘These include the appointment of new members of staff to key positions and the introduction of a brand new packaging line.’

Cherwell has also set up a new electronic document management system to deliver batch quality records directly to customers, so speeding up release procedures for our media products.

Other planned new developments include a major update to the Cherwell website.

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